Meyersdale Mall

 Meyersdale's First Virtual Mall








 Re-enacting the
"Summit of the potbellied Stove"
 at the SHIPLEY HARDWARE Building
- previous Home of Meyersdale Mall -

Did you know ...

that it was actually around a potbellied stove of the
Shipley Hardware Company Store 60 years ago,
that plans were made which have succeeded in launching Meyersdale into a position of international renown as "Maple City, USA" ?

The pictured group of farseeing men had a vision:
A virtual Mall in Meyersdale to promote all the fancy stuff
produced in this area, and good, reliable products at bargain prices
- and that vision, that dream, is becoming reality.
Now Meyersdale Mall is the First Virtual Mall of Maple City!
  (more: see "Meyersdale Mall History")

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Jo's So Soy Candles
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